DXHB20 intelligent bag sorting and cartoning machine

DXHB20  intelligent tea bag sorting and cartoning machine is a servo-controlled  horizontal intermittent cartoning machine, which integrates tea bag  sorting, counting stacking and cartoning functions, it is suitable for  tongue-inserted paper box. It is used in a variety of industries  including pharmaceuticals, health products, tea, coffee and other  packaging bags and boxes. The grouped bags go to a box by pushing. The  process is simple, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is  easy.

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1.The whole machine adopts PLC control, servo motor and cam drive, man-machine interface, simple operation and stable work.

2.It can realize the integrated functions of bag management, counting,  stacking and boxing, with a high degree of integration, compact  structure and small footprint.

3.Real-time display of machine status, automatic counting, prompt fault alarm.

4.The man-machine interface meets the requirements of digital signature,  and the operation can be freely assigned according to the level.

Technical data


Max.130 bag/minute

Number of Tea bag in a box:


Teabag dimensions:

W70mm×H80mm or W82mm×H75mm

Paper box dimension:

L85-160mm × W73-85mm × H78-83mm

Overall dimensions of the whole machine

L1900 mm×W1000 mm×H1350 mm

Air pressure:



220V  50Hz

Total power:


Box output height


Net weight:


Wooden case dimension:

L1750 mm×W1200 mm×H1550 mm


Packing materials

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