After Sales Training
After Sales Training 1

1.Our power supply is different from China, would you change the power supply for us?
Yes.Chinese power supply is 380V/220V, if your power supply is different, we could change the transformer as your request.
2. What is the adjusting range of your bag size? If not adjustable, would you customize one special size machine for us?
Most bags sizes are standard and not adjustable. Single chamber and double chamber teabag sizes are fixed, and Pyramid teabag machines have more choices of bag size. About customized machine, please contact with us for details.
3. How your machines measure tea weight in each bag? Is it measuring cups or loadcell/weigher? If loadcell/weigher, what is the accuracy?
The type of measuring is volume, and our machines use rotor which is similar to measuring cups. We have Option--loadcell/weigher, if you want it, we could add this option on your machine. The accuracy of loadcell/weigher is 0.3gram.
4. Could your machines pack powder/sugar/spice? What materials are best for teabag packing?
Our machines could pack tea and similar herb, and they are not suitable for powder/sugar/spice. For single/double chamber teabag machines, the range of tea/herb is 20~60mesh (broken tea/herb). Our pyramid teabag machines could pack tea leaf which is not more than 1cm.
5. When you pack machine into wooden case, is it complete machine or separate parts? Can we install the machine ourselves?
We remove only several parts, and the main machine is packed into wooden case, so it is simple to mount the separate parts onto machine. There is English operation manual which teach you how to install machine, so it is possible to install machine yourselves.
6. Will your engineer come to our factory for installation and adjustment? If the machine has any trouble in running, how do you solve the machine trouble?
Yes,we supply overseas engineer’s service, and our engineer could go to your factory for installation, adjustment and training. If any trouble in running, you could send email/photo/video to us, we will solve your problem through online talk, photo, video, and email.



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